Welcome to Pro Line Golf Balls!

We are the pros of recycled golf balls. Matter of fact our team has been diving for balls in all the best lakes for decades. We have built our business on recovering golf balls so that they don’t disrupt the natural environment. We rescue the best Titleist, Callaway, Nike, Pinnacle and more from the depths and categorize them into all conditions... it's your choice. When you buy recycled golf balls you not only save money, but you help save the environment.

 Be assured that at Pro Line Golf Balls quality control is top priority. All our recycled golf balls are hand graded into our 4 grades to fit the need of every golfer. Our Pro grade will play like a new golf ball without the new ball price. Our Junior grade of golf balls is an excellent combination between playability and substantial savings, as you may find a minor blemish or player marks on the ball, but nothing to hinder playablility.