Not Your Average Golf Balls

When you shop at Proline, you're helping restore our oceans back to their natural enviornment, reducing polution and toxic emissions from factories.

We choose only the best recycled golf balls for you, so you can have an amazing game, at an amazing price.

 Welcome to Pro Line Golf Balls! 

We are the pros of recycled golf balls. Matter of fact our team has been diving for balls in all the best lakes for decades. We have built our business on recovering golf balls so that they don’t disrupt the natural environment. We rescue the best Titleist, Callaway, Nike, Pinnacle and more from the depths and categorize them into all conditions... it's your choice. When you buy recycled golf balls you not only save money, but you help save the environment.

 Be assured that at Pro Line Golf Balls quality control is top priority. All our recycled golf balls are hand graded into our 4 grades to fit the need of every golfer.

Pro Grade 1: Our 'Pro' golf balls are shiny, high white balls in perfect to near perfect condition. They have the look and feel of new golf balls. Scuffs of any kind are not included in this grade. Golf balls may have logos or small, standard personal marks. These are the Grade 1, Mint or AAAAA Grade golf balls on other golf ball sites. Perfect if you want something that plays 'like new' without the new ball price.

Pro Grade 2: Our 'Juior' golf balls may have a small scuff mark or a little more magic marker than would the 'AAAA' golf balls, but no club marks, bubbling clear coat or cuts. These balls are all perfectly fine for play, but the shine or general appearance is down a bit. These are just a great mix of average condition golf balls. Slight discoloration may be included. Perfrect for the playability wanating to save substantionally....

Pro Grade 3: Very Playable 'AAA' Grade, good condition, may iclude moderate surface blemishes, slight scuffs, minor discoloration which will not affect the trajectory, distance or flight path of the ball. Ball will not have cuts. Higher grade Practice and X-OUT models may be included.

Pro Grade 4: These golf balls are cosmetically challenged, the AA grade used golf ball may look worn, discolored, blemished and scuffed. These are great for beginners, first time users or they can be used as practice balls for hte avid golfer. These balls may include player (sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logos.